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Benefits of the Lil' Yogis Training Program:

* Learn the fundamentals of teaching yoga to children
* Explore the ways that yoga helps children become healthier, stronger and more relaxed
* Discover the difference between yoga for kids and traditional yoga for adults
* Become immersed in many different traditional aspects of yoga such as chanting, pranayama (breathing), vinyasa (flow) sequences and savasana (relaxation period)
* Learn how to incorporate interactive games, creative movements, songs and props to create a lively environment that helps each child connect with the experience
* See how combining flexibility, strength, balance and fun, yields substantive mental, spiritual and physical benefits for children
* Master safe, injury-preventative teaching techniques
* Significant opportunity for practicing teaching skills in front of live students
* Learn to apply the skills learned with the help of experienced, professional mentors





Lil' Yogis NYC is a children's yoga and fitness company designed to help children develop better physical awareness...

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School Programs

School Programs

Lil' Yogis NYC offers yoga in the classroom for grades pre-K -12 in schools throughout New York City. We will also come to any Special Needs School to host a yoga class.

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